Designed to give school administrators handy reference points on a wide variety of critical state and federal education issues.


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Parent Engagement Materials

  • School Site Council Administrator’s Guidebook ($99)
    An essential guide for administrators; includes helpful material covering LCFF
  • School Site Council Member’s Guidebook ($40)
    Convenient small format includes useful calendar and note pages; in English and Spanish
  • SSC Toolkit ($399 – a 20% savings!)
    Includes 1 Administrator’s Guidebook and 10 Member’s Guidebooks

ESEA-IDEA Supplemental Guides

ESEA Titles ($35 each or $89 for a set of 3)

  • Every Administrator Succeeds: A Practitioner’s Guide to ESSA
    The first and best resource that breaks down the changes and demonstrates how to prepare for transitioning into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
  • Accounting & Auditing Federal Funds: A Survival Guide
    Dives into another key federal requirement that schools account for their use federal money.
  • The Art of Buying and Using School Equipment with Federal Funds
    Gives administrators the insight needed to be compliant.

IDEA Titles ($35 each or $119 for a set of 4)

  • Paraeducators: The Heart of Special Ed
    An introduction to special education personnel management. These guidelines are not available anywhere else and will prove invaluable to special education directors, human resource managers, and business officials..
  • Pandora’s Box: Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance
    Explains when to use the Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance (SCIA) and when not to, and also provides advice for avoiding potential due process claims.
  • Between the Devil and MOE: Navigating Federal Spending Restrictions
    Translates the requirements into language that is readily understood and provides concrete examples of the many variations in the regulations.
  • The Soul of Special Education: Parent Participation & Community Involvement
    Outlines the requirements for parent involvement in special education procedures and explains how to promote active collaboration between the school and the community.

Other Publications

  • The Promise of Special Education: A Guide for Parents and Policymakers ($39)
    One-of-kind resource explaining how school programs operate and why, in a readable and understandable format. It’s a comprehensive presentation of the programs, services, and regulatory governance of special education – written for non-practitioners.