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Cabinet Report (now K-12 Daily) was launched in July, 2008 to help fill a void in news coverage critical to the education community. Staffed by a team of veteran journalists and assisted by an editorial board of content experts from the public school system, K-12 Daily reaches more than 10,000 readers daily with correspondents in four of the country’s regional centers as well as Washington D.C.

In an effort to ensure the continued success of an important source of education news, Cabinet Report has joined the Attendance Institute, one of the nation’s leading advocates for improving student outcomes by eliminating chronic absenteeism. The move comes with the new name, K-12 Daily.

A defining mission at the Attendance Institute is to serve as a partner to schools and their communities, and K-12 Daily represents a substantial investment toward that commitment. Revitalizing student attendance as a priority in the public education system has emerged as perhaps the seminal challenge facing the nation. The country’s status in the global marketplace, as well as the future of coming generations, hangs in the balance.

K-12 Daily is intended to serve as an objective window to the debate over how best to improve student performance. Published daily, our reporting is aimed at an audience of educators, school administrators and policy-makers.

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