Count the Days to Better Attendance: 5 easy steps


It sounds old school, but yes print out a monthly calendar for each of your children.

Out of sight out of mind…. This saying applies to student absences. When you don’t see the number of absences, you don’t realize the impact on your child’s short and long term achievement.

By displaying this visual, you are reinforcing the critical role school plays in your child’s academic success. You also are creating an accountability system; when kids do miss class, they need to follow up with their teachers about missed assignments or lessons.

By looking at a printed calendar, you and your child can keep track of the number of days missed as well as identify patterns in their behavior of missing school. A key to avoiding the pit of chronic absenteeism is early identification of attendance habits.

5 easy steps to monitor your child’s school attendance:

1. Print the Attendance Story Calendar
Download your calendar
Print and use a hard copy calendar and mark the days your child is absent or late to school. Absences and tardiness can sneak up on you and a couple of days here and there create holes in learning.

2. Count the Days
Count the number of learning days in the month. Begin each month by letting your child know the number of learning days possible. Think of it as a game; we want your child to succeed by going to school every day possible.

3. Create a Key
A key will help recognize any patterns. For example; mark tardy days yellow, absent days blue and present days in green. Keep your calendar posted where it can be easily seen and note averse habits your child may show.

4. Look for Patterns
Does your child struggle on Monday after the weekend? Does your child lose steam at the end of the week? You will be able to recognize patterns of missed school and its frequency. This helps identify the causes of those absences.

5. Follow Up
If you do identify a pattern, follow up with the teacher or the principal right away. They may have noticed a pattern too. Just as you do, they want your child to succeed.
So do it… get old school! Print the calendar and track your child’s attendance. 80% of success is showing up.  Attend today, succeed tomorrow.

Anticipating your student’s success,
The Attendance Institute

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