Communities fulfilling education’s promise through big data.

Big Data

The Cultivating Student Success Report is playing a crucial role in how communities organize efforts to tackle the toughest issues impeding student success. Innovative thought leaders are leveraging this comprehensive report to change the way schools, communities and business join together. They understand that data informs and inspires action.

Student behaviors, such as attendance, are proven precursors for success or failure in school, work and life. It’s time we reinstitute the belief that every child has the fundamental right to attend school every day to build that keystone habit which will follow them throughout their lives.

When our communities decide to make attendance the priority in public education, we will be fulfilling education’s promise.

Collaborative Goals
• Reduce truancy rates and court referrals
• Reduce chronic absenteeism rates
• Increase student attendance rates
• Make on-time school attendance every day a community priority

Actions Required to Address the Need
• Quantify the prevalence of absenteeism and truancy within the county
• Identify attendance barriers and root causes of absenteeism and truancy
• Measure the effectiveness and adjust accordingly as we implement broad base and targeted interventions
• Support districts, schools, and families in their efforts to improve attendance and school climate

Strategies to Substantially Increase Student Attendance
• Raise awareness about the importance of every day on-time attendance
• Utilize attendance data to quantify absenteeism and truancy rates
• Develop a countywide attendance awareness program or campaign
• Substantiate top attendance barriers
• Create a network of area-specific intervention partners and programs
• Advocate for practices, policies and the appropriate levels of staffing required to increase attendance
• Support district and school site capacity to effectively respond to and address truancy