The world is run by those that show up, let’s make sure our kids run the world.

Who we are

The Attendance Institute is a nonprofit organization with the core objective to substantially improve student attendance and, ultimately, achievement.

All efforts are focused on educating students, families, communities and the general public about the indisputable link between school attendance and educational success.

We recognize that:

  • The world is run by those who show up, and our kids aren’t showing up!
  • There is an attendance and learning time crisis in K-12 education
  • Achievement and attendance are inextricably linked
  • Attendance is an education equalizer
  • This problem cannot be left up to the education community to solve alone

We have found that when parents understand how closely related school attendance is to their child’s success, they make their child’s attendance a priority.  This isn’t an insurmountable or complicated problem, it is however, an urgent one. We have to get kids in school every day and learning. We can ill afford to sit by while 3,323 students drop out of school every day, primarily because they missed so much time that they can’t catch up.


Meet Our Team

Interim Executive Director:

  • Grace Spencer

Board Members:

  • Susan Cook
  • Bill Gillaspie
  • Kamee Lyons
  • Jeff Williams

Director of Strategic Relations:

  • Gemma Ball

Director of Public Relations:

  • Rick Carder

Director of Research:

  • Yaeko Rodrigues

Director of Content:

  • Tom Chorneau

Associate Editor:

  • Alisha Kirby

Community Outreach Coordinator:

  • Erin Bond