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Board decision adds teeth to district’s attendance policy

Posted October 11, 2018
Attendance Awareness Month may be a wrap, but school districts throughout the country are continuing to emphasize to families the importance of regularly getting children to class.

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County attendance campaign: strive for less than 5 absences

Posted September 18, 2018
As more education officials dive deep into their own county, district or school attendance data, even those with high rates of daily attendance are discovering that too many children are slipping through the cracks.

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2017 Summit for Student Success


Everyone is talking out this year’s summit – watch the video to see why! Learn more about Cultivating Success…

One Louisiana D.A. cracks down on parents of truant kids

Posted August 17, 2018
With schools in many districts back in session, it’s important that parents start the year off strong by getting their kids to school on time, every day. If improving your child’s chances to get to college or become work-place ready by high school isn’t motivation enough, consider what happened to nearly 20 Louisiana families in recent months when their children were found to be truant:

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Skipping School for Cheap Flights? You Could Be Fined in Germany

Posted by the New York Times May 23, 2018
With the help of modern technology we can track the number of steps we take, our packages out for delivery and even how many hours of sleep we get each night, but according to a new study, we still have a difficult time keeping tabs on how many days of school our students miss.

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