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Parents need help to better track their child’s attendance

Posted May 1o, 2018
With the help of modern technology we can track the number of steps we take, our packages out for delivery and even how many hours of sleep we get each night, but according to a new study, we still have a difficult time keeping tabs on how many days of school our students miss.

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Oregon districts seek state money to improve attendance/ reduce drop-outs

Posted March 15, 2018
School districts throughout Oregon are aiming for a share of about $170 million in new state support to address the needs of high school students with poor attendance rates who are at-risk of dropping out.

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2017 Summit for Student Success


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Boosting attendance takes more than student incentives

Posted Feb 23, 2018
As school districts work to improve attendance rates, some administrators are looking to get quick results by offering children with perfect or improved attendance things like bicycles or mp3 players, or other prizes.

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School refusal: what it is, and how districts/parents can help

Posted Feb 22, 2018
Some mornings, getting a child ready for school can be difficult. They’re too tired to wake up on time; they left their lunchbox at school; or they lost one of their shoes. But for parents of students who face overwhelming waves of anxiety or some irrational fear that lead to what experts call “school refusal,” even getting a child dressed can become an all-consuming activity.

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