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Attendance becomes a national performance goal

When Congress revised the nation’s primary law governing K-12 schools in 2012, there was an effort to scale back emphasis on standardized test scores and get states to look creatively at how to measure student performance.

Today, the U.S. Department of Education has received plans from each state on how they will comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. And the most common accountability measure being used along with test scores is attendance.

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Truant citations don’t always solve the problem

The number of students formally identified as truant in Ventura County fell by almost 78 percent between the 2015 and 2016 school years.

It would be great to learn that such a dramatic turnaround meant more kids were in class—but that’s not quite right.

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2017 Summit for Student Success


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Study: attendance–not test scores—indicates success

A recent study from the University of Chicago showed that attendance was a better indicator of student success than test scores.

Researchers looked at a cohort of eighth graders as they made choices about where to attend high school in 2013. One group decided on charter schools, another attended the district feeder high school.

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When is it legal to keep a special needs student home?

A majority of parents with students in special education programs (or with IEPs or 504s) have felt the desire to, or actually kept their child out of school for an extended period of time (from a couple of days to an infinite amount of time) for reasons such as an issue with a teacher, testing, bullying by other students, certain school rules and/or placement decision disagreements, just to name a few.

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